Class date & Topic for EC-Kawaguchi


*From March 13th, wearing a mask will be an individual decision. But for the time being
, please wear a mask.

1/7「Sit upright for long houes?」
1/21「Which nunber you do not like?」
2/4「Blood types」
2/25「Which colore do you like?」
3/11「When do you hve denner?
3/25「revere food」

4/8「japanese origin?」
4/15「Japanese lunguage@s orign?」
5/27「Who create worl ru?」
6/10「Why green trafic signal call to blue?」
6/24「We have three system of writing」
7/3「Two way of counting?」
7/29「How do you call in English for Japanse Chotoo?